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21 with 100k IN CREDIT!!

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

This client spent about 8 months in credit repair

Scores were in the 500's Was making 40k per year

SPENT less $1000 in Credit Repair

Scores increased over 200 points

Approved for a loan for his first investment property. Looking into buying a second property soon.

He is estimating to bring in about 4 times what his yearly salary was in 2019 and he invested a little under $1,000 worth of credit repair that was NOT charged at once but on a monthly payment.

Now when he first started, he had scores in the 500's and he was previously with 2 other companies.

He gave up for a while but was referred from a family member to join The Credit Lifestyle in which the family was happy about their results.

We will call this client Mr. L, so Mr. L decided to give credit repair a try again as he attempted to repair on his own and didn’t see any progress.

When he enrolled, he had:

1 Repossession from Santander

1 Comcast bill (Southwest credit system)

1 T-Mobile collection (Convergent Outsourcing)

Capital one credit card, and about 10 other accounts including medical bills.

Everyone's progress is different but at first, he started on a good note. With his first round of letters being mailed, 6 accounts were deleted on Experian, 5 on Transunion and 3 on Equifax. After the 4th round the companies became more stubborn and he finished Experian and Transunion, but Equifax continued to verify (their favorite word) 1 measly account lol.

Now with 1 account left you would think he would be fine but unfortunately, he would be in the same position applying for credit with 1 or 20 items or so we choose to aim for excellence. After our 8th round is when we won (We beat the credit mafia lol) And it was time to work on all of his goals we discussed on his enrollment call.

His dreams he wanted to achieve were below:

· Invest in real estate (Completed)

· Over 100k in credit (Completed, proof below)

· Peace of mind (Completed)

He said peace of mind came from the ability to wake up each morning without a fear of not being prepared for the worst. He now has enough credit to cover any unexpected issues and to bring in residual income. At 21 years old he dropped out of college for personal reasons and started to work in the retail industry. He was making only 40k per year but now...... he is estimating to bring in about 4 times that much in 2020 because he’s able to invest without touching his bank. As of today, he has only $1200 in his bank account, but his credit allowed him to go places his bank account wouldn’t.

Congratulations to Mr. L, as we look forward to being a part of your continued success

How long do you think it would have took him to make that at his day job??



If you are looking for assistance and have no interest in repairing your credit on your own, then we can assist.

Click the link below to get started??

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