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Top easiest credit card approvals (less than perfect credit)

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

This blog post will include links for the easiest credit approval companies.

Let's start getting approved!!

Are you tired of not knowing whether you’re going to get approved for a credit card???

Well we are about to make it easier for you 😊

First let's take a few seconds to discuss why having credit is important.

1. Interest rates.

Interest rates can rely heavily on your credit score and can determine if you would pay additional $500 vs. 20k in interest based upon your credibility. Don't think it can happen? See the picture below!

2. Insurance rates.

Insurance companies makes their decisions on rates based upon your risk level. The riskier you are, the more expensive your rates could be. A low credit score is often viewed as high-risk behavior. and this can affect rates for auto insurance, life insurance, homeowner/renter’s insurance etc.

3. Employment opportunities.

Employers checking candidates credit background has increased drastically within the last decade. Despite your qualifications, a bad credit report is likely to make you seem less organized and careless, two qualities that no one wants their employers to view them as.

4. Starting a business/Residual income

When it comes to investing, there are ways to do so without touching your bank. In the credit industry. we call that "Using other people’s money". There is nothing wrong with borrowing especially if you are using it to make money. You see how having great credit can help you become successful?

5. Peace of mind.

Having great credit ensures being able to handle any unexpected emergencies that may occur without worrying about how you would pay it. Let’s say you had an emergency for 5,000 with less than $5,000 in the bank. How would you cover that expense without going bad on another?

Now that we covered some reasons why you need credit we can now start to get into where to apply when your credit is less than perfect.

The holidays are approaching and having extra credit could make things a little easier on you!

Please be advised that these instructions are for those who may have derogatory blemishes on their credit and for those looking to start from scratch.

Although these creditors that we are listing have been proven to be more lenient, we do not guarantee approvals and the credit decisions are based upon your own creditworthiness.

If not approved, then your first step is to figure out why & work on what’s hurting your creditworthiness.

These instructions are not for those already enrolled with The Credit Lifestyle unless authorized. Applying for new credit while enrolled in repair may hinder the credit repair process. Contact your file handler rep to see if you are eligible.

Enough talking, let’s get to the good stuff!!!!

Click the links of your choice below!

Easy Store Cards LINKS!


Store cards are only able to be used on these companies website (No visa or Mastercard logo)







4. Victoria's secret




Easy Credit Cards LINKS (Unsecured)


Unsecured means no deposit needed

Option 1


Option 2


Option 3


Option 4


Option 5


Now the above cards are those who do not require deposit for the most part but before cards that do.

Sometimes you have to start from somewhere and gain trust so putting up a deposit may help with future approvals.

Below are creditors who will more than likely give you a chance when others won’t. These products are good for those with NO credit &Limited credit. Limited would be for those with less than 4 revolving credit lines. Not including loans.

Easy Secured Credit Cards LINKS


Secured means you need to put up a deposit.

Option 1


Option 2


Option 3


Option 4


Option 5


Easy Line of credit LINKS


Cash withdrawable funds that are revolving meaning they won't close the account when paid unlike a loan.

Option 1


Option 2


Easy Auto Loans & Refinancing LINK BELOW

Avoid excessive credit inquiries and getting the run around by being approved first and then going to the car lot. You now have more power by bringing your own funding.


Easy Personal Loans LINK BELOW


Easy Auto Title Loan LINK BELOW


If you received an approval Great! Send in a screenshot to receive $25 off our credit analysis/enrollment before 12/01/19

If you do not receive an approval, no worries as we are here to assist by identifying what's harming your credit and helping you improve. Send in your screen shot of your denial and receive $50 off your credit analysis/enrollment before 12/01/19

Credit Score Tips

Getting cards is a great way to boost your score, but if you want to reach your credit score goals, you’re going to have to improve all aspects of your credit. Credit cards can help only improve some aspects but keep in mind negative items are still heavily apart of your credit score and before you take larger steps like buying a home you want to definitely work on the negative and improve in those areas!

If you are looking to improve your overall score and need help with improving your credit, click below‼️

If you are looking to enroll in credit repair, here's your next steps below:

Please read fully:

1. Fill out our 1 MINUTE application link below to see if any of our programs are a good fit. 2. Once we receive your completed application, we will send you an email with instructions on how our programs work and a link to get started. 3.Book your appointment once you confirm your availability If you received a booking link in the past 6 months, you do not have to fill out another application. Just use the link sent to you previously!

Click application link below to get started!!


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